Automobile Homicide and Assault/Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is a process where a forensic engineer goes to the scene of an accident, takes measurements and photographs of the damage to the vehicle(s) and the marks left on the roadway by the vehicle(s) involved in the accident. This data is then studied to develop a working theory of what physically occurred during the accident. Every dent or mark on a vehicle involved in the accident; every tire mark on the roadway; the respective weights and conditions of the involved vehicles; all tell a story according to the unbiased and never changing laws of physics. Accident reconstruction is critical in the defense of vehicular homicide or vehicular assault cases. It is used to determine which vehicle was on the roadway as the accident developed. An automobile accident is not a stationary event, but moves through time and space according to the laws of physics and often times occurs over hundreds of feet. Accident reconstruction can support the testimony of a criminal defendant as to what actually happened, while disproving the testimony of witnesses called by the prosecution during the trial. In reconstructing the accident, the attorney and accident reconstructionist rely upon the following types of evidence, including:

• Scene photos, including measurements of all tire marks and gouges present on the roadway

• Photos of damages to the subject vehicle, to determine the angle of the collision and the amount of force applied.

• The respective weights of the involved vehicles, to help determine a range of speed at the time of the collision, and the force applied

• Video footage and still photographs of the accident scene.

• Witness testimony.• Charts, tables, diagrams and grafts prepared by accident reconstruction experts.

• Digital renditions of the accident scene demonstrating how the accident occurred and where it occurred on the roadway.

• Police reports and other adverse expert reports and their accident reconstruction findings.

In some cases our experts use computer animation to recreate the accident itself in three dimensions.
Accident reconstruction is critical in cases where the car accident resulted in severe bodily injuries or a fatality.