Drug Manufacturing, Delivery and Possession:

Attorney David A. Hill has over 38 years of trial experience effectively defending felony criminal drug charges. Drug Manufacturing and Delivery convictions can result insignificant jail or prison sentences, loss of driving privileges and a felony criminal record that will adversely affect a person's employment opportunities for years to come.

Drug related prosecutions almost always begin with the search of an area where a suspect has a constitutionally protected privacy interest, and the seizure of physical effects that a suspect has a protected privacy interest in.

The police may only search such protected places, or seize such protected belongings, under the authority of a judicially issued search warrant, or under a constitutionally recognized exception to the warrant requirement. The police may not violate a suspect's constitutionally protected privacy interests by conducting an unlawful search or seizure.

If such unlawful police conduct occurs, the law requires that the unlawfully seized items be suppressed from evidence in a related criminal prosecution, almost always resulting in the dismissal of any charges based upon evidence obtained or later derived from the challenged searches or seizures.

Attorney David A. Hill has 37 years experience successfully defending criminal charges through the use of search and seizure law, both at the trial and appellate court levels, including the Oregon Supreme Court. Mr. Hill will vigorously use this complex and ever-changing area of the law to enforce your constitutionally protected rights that prohibit unlawful searches and seizures by the police or other state agents.

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Oregon's marijuana laws are changing by the day. David A. Hill has been defending medical and recreational marijuana cases throughout the state of Oregon before the law came into effect, and keeps abreast of the changes in the laws.