Fire Arms offense/Self Defense

As a 4th generation Oregonian, Mr. Hill grew up hunting and fishing throughout the State of Oregon. He is well acquainted with the many different types of firearms that are commonly owned by members of the public. Mr. Hill reloads his own ammunition and has been educated in the science of ballistics and bullet construction which has practical application in the defense of offenses that involve the use of firearms or other weapons. We also employ expert witnesses knowledgeable in the fields of laboratory science, bullet trajectories and basic forensic science.

Experts in these fields of science can use bullet angles, the type and extent of physical injuries, and bullet weight and deformation to determine the distance from which the firearm was from the target struck, the distance off the ground where the firearm was fired, and the relative distance between any of these points. Our experts employ the latest technology to measure distances, angles and force applied in any firearms related prosecution, and are critical to the recreation of the alleged crime scene to demonstrate that the client in fact did not commit the alleged crime.

Under Oregon law, a person is privileged to use deadly physical force to protect themselves or others from the imminent threat by another of the use of unlawful deadly physical force. Attorney David A. Hill has successfully interposed the defense of self defense in obtaining jury verdicts of not guilty to charges involving the use of a firearm in the defense of the client or another person.

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