Measure 11 crimes are those offenses included in ORS 137.700 as offenses requiring imposition of mandatory minimum prison sentences. If convicted of one of these crimes the court has no discretion to depart from the mandatory minimum prison sentence for that offense. Those sentences range from 70 months to up to 300 months in prison. There is no good time, nor programs available to a person convicted of one of these crimes and the defendant is required to serve every day of that sentence.

Measure 11 offenses include homicides, felony assaults, arson, kidnapping, and the various felony robberies and sex crimes.

Other than capital murder, these felony crimes are the most serious and carry the harshest penalties under Oregon law. Attorney David A. Hill has effectively represented scores of clients charged with these offenses since Measure 11 came into existence in 1995.

If you or a family member has been accused of a violent felony offense, it is absolutely critical that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before speaking with the police. A suspect has a right to have an attorney present when questioned, and a right to remain silent, that is the right not to speak with the police at all. No negative inferences may be drawn from a suspect's invocation of his or her constitutional rights to have an attorney present when questioned or to remain silent, and neither the police nor a prosecutor may even mention to a jury that a person invoked their constitutional rights.

Police officers are not required to be truthful with a criminal suspect. They are trained to fabricate facts that may cause a criminal suspect to make statements that may later be argued by a prosecutor to be admissions of guilt.

If law enforcement personnel are intending to question you as a suspect in a serious crime, obtain the services of a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Once represented by counsel, the police are no longer lawfully allowed to contact or question you without the presence of your attorney. To obtain competent legal counsel for the defense of Measure 11 crimes, contact Attorney David A. Hill.